Three Peaks Manuka Honey

There are harder places to make pure Manuka honey. But not many.

For just ten weeks each year, the Manuka plant flowers on the central volcanic plateau, the remote wilderness of the North Island of New Zealand. This is a place where volcanoes have imprinted themselves on the landscape. At its heart are the three peaks of legend, Ruapehu, Tongariro and Ngauruhoe.

In this place where it bakes in summer and freezes in winter, plants don’t so much live as survive. Anything that grows here has a natural strength. And so it is with Three Peaks Manuka honey. It is not an easy process but nothing good comes easily.
Three Peaks Manuka honey – enriching life everyday.

The Tongariro Jar

This special product has been lovingly cared for from New Zealand’s natural wilderness to you. We have selected only the highest quality Manuka honey for The Tongariro Jar to ensure you only get the best. We take pride in showing you the natural colour of our rich, pure Manuka honey from the natural wilderness of the central volcanic plateau.

Three Peaks Manuka Honey 20+ in Tongariro Jar
Three Peaks Manuka Honey 10+

Premium Quality Everyday

Available in the beautiful square, clear 500g container, we showcase the natural rich, amber colour of Three Peaks Manuka honey.

Three Peaks Manuka Honey 10+

Pure Honeycomb

The highest quality honeycomb in a uniquely small, reusable and recyclable dish. A great complement to any special occasion.

Pure honeycomb from New Zealand 340g

It takes 375 New Zealand bees and 8 Manuka plants to produce The Tongariro Jar.

We know where it comes from and so should you

Check it’s real and true Three Peaks Manuka honey

Every jar of Three Peaks Manuka honey is special. We stand by its quality and authenticity. So we make sure that every container can be traced back to its origin to ensure it’s pure and authentic. It’s our promise, it’s our stamp, it’s our guarantee.

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