Parihauhau Station

Parihauhau Station

pari         1. (noun) cliff, precipice, bluff
hau         1. (noun) vital essence, vitality – of a person, place or object


Visitors remark that this is a special place. We agree. Undoubtedly the feeling of the place is linked to the physical landscape.  Steeply folded hills, deep ravines and rushing water instill a sense of awe. Remnants of New Zealand’s primeval native forest offer a haven to native birds such as kereru and morepork.

Parihauhau Station is 760 hectares of hill country landscape with a diverse mix of mature forest, regenerating native bush and pasture.  The pastoral farming heritage of the district continues at Parihauhau Station, with several hundred sheep grazing peacefully alongside the bee hives.

Keeping nature in balance

Deer, goats and pigs were brought to New Zealand by European settlers in the 1800s, and spread rapidly throughout the country.  Goats and deer browse the native bush, damaging the understorey that provides habitat and food for native birds and insects.

Keeping nature in balance in our focus.  Hunting helps us manage wild populations of these animals so that the bush can thrive.  Hunting is guided-only to the highest standards of fair chase and the respectful treatment of animals at all times.




What does this word mean in hill country where rainfall turns trickles to torrents in minutes, and the land seems constantly on the move with little to hold the silty soils in place?

Our goals are simple – better water quality, fewer introduced pests, more stable soils.

Starting with a fundamental shift from pastoral farming to Manuka honey production, the first major change was to remove cows from the farm.  The remaining grazing is used for sheep only, which means a lighter footprint on the land and waterways.

Investing to increase Manuka production, we chose to plant the worst eroding slopes of the farm first, stabilising the soil and excluding stock from more than 40 hectares.  Other planting locations focus on protecting the waterways and wetlands, re-establishing riparian margins to filter the sediment coming off the hills.

Our approach is collaborative.  We actively seek out partners who share our goals.  Horizons Regional Council have assisted with pest control across the entire property. Kiwisoft New Zealand were looking for local projects that delivered real environmental benefits, and have come in behind our wetland restoration and kiwi habitat projects with a generous donation.

Visitors are encouraged to consider their own actions, taking nothing but photos and leaving nothing but footprints on the hills.  Visitor and other contributions to environmental restoration projects are welcomed.

Manuka Magic


Parihauhau Station is the home of Three Peaks Manuka Honey.  Having developed the Three Peaks range of ultra-premium Manuka honey products, the team looked for a suitable property to anchor the company’s ‘land to brand’ commitment.  With its abundant Manuka and sheltered valleys, Parihauhau Station fit the bill.

Regenerating bush blankets the slopes in a dark green most of the year, but in the early summer a thick carpet of tiny white blossoms transforms the hills.  For a few short weeks the bees are nourished with an abundance of Manuka nectar, and the bee keepers race to keep up to give them space to store the comb and honey in the hive.  The bush thrums with insect life.

The purity of the honey is guaranteed by the predominance of Manuka blossom being the primary food source for the bees through the period that the nectar flows.  The potency of the honey is something scientists are still working to understand, but arises from a combination of climate, soil, plant species and of course the magic of the bees.

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